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Product Details

OWON PDS5022S Oscilloscope
List Price: $319.00
Our Price: $289.99
Your Savings: $29.01


Low-cost portable dual channel oscilloscope with a large color display and battery supply. It’s a perfect instrument for educational purposes and service organizations.

Digital storage oscilloscope. Dual channels + external trigger. Bandwidth 25 MHz. Sample rate (Real time) 100MS/s. Record length 5K points on each channel. Cursor measurement. Automeasurement 20 types. Trigger type: Edge, Video. FFT. Peak detect and Average. Display: 7.8 '' color LCD, STN screen, 640×480 pixels. Dimensions: 14in × 6in × 4in / 356mm × 153mm × 102mm. Weight 3.7lb / 1.7kg. PDS5022S bench DSO has been designed as an entry level instrument for educational, hobby and budget-driven applications. Although low-cost, the PDS5022S is packed with a wide range of useful functions usually seen only on higher-end DSO's, such as video trigger and auto-measurement. The large full colour LCD display is made to show a clear unambiguous waveform.

Technical Specifications:

This instrument should run for more than 30 minutes continuously under the specified operating temperature.

If the change range of the operating temperature is up to or exceeds 41°F / 5°C, open the system function menu and execute the “Self-calibration” procedure.

All specification standards can be fulfilled, except one(s) marked with the word “Typical”.


  • 25MHz

Channel: 2 + 1 (External)


Sample rate (real time)

  • 100MS/s


  • Input coupling: DC, AC , Ground
  • Input impedance: 1MßŔ±2%, in parallel with20pF±5pF
  • Probe attenuation factor: 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
  • Max. input voltage: 300V (PK-PK) (DC + AC PK-PK)

Horizontal System:

  • Sampling rate: 10S/s~100MS/s
  • Interpolation: (sin x)/x

Record length: 5K points on each channel

Scanning speed: (S/div)

  • 5ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2.5~5

Sampling rate / relay time accuracy ±100ppm

  • Interval (DT) accuracy (DC~100MHz)
  • Single: ± (1 interval time+100ppm. reading+0.6ns); Average >16: ± (1 interval time +100ppm reading+0.4ns)

Vertical system:

  • A/D converter: 8 bits resolution (2 Channels simultaneously)
  • Sensitivity: 5mV/div~5V/div (at input)
  • Displacement: ±10div(5mV/div~5V/div)
  • Single bandwidth: Full bandwidth
  • Low Frequency: ≥5Hz (at input, AC coupling, -3dB)
  • Rise time (at input, Typical): ≤14ns
  • DC accuracy: ±3%
  • DC accuracy (average): The voltage difference (ΔV) between any two points on the wave form after averaging the captured wave forms of more than 16: ± (5% Reading + 0.05 divisions)



  • Edge Rising, Falling
  • Video Line synchronization, Field synchronization, Odd field, Even field, Any line

Edge trigger

  • Sensitivity Ajustable: 0.2div~1.0div


DC, AC, LF Rjc, HF Rjc

Trigger level range

  • Internal ±6 div from the screen center
  • EXT ±600mV
  • EXT/5 ±3V

Trigger level Accuracy (typical):

  • Internal ±0.3div
  • EXT ±(40mV + 6% of Set Value)
  • EXT/5 ±(200mV +6% of Set Value)

Horizontal Trigger displacement

Pre-trigger: 655 div Post-trigger: 4 div

Trigger Hold off

Range 100ns~10s

50% level setting (typical): Input signal frequency ≥50Hz

Trigger sensitivity (Video trigger, typical)

  • Internal Peak-peak value of 2div
  • EXT 400mV
  • EXT/5 2V

Signal system NTSC, PAL, SECAM (any frequency)

Alternate trigger

  • CH1 trigger Edge, Video
  • CH2 trigger Edge, Video


  • Cursor

DV and DT between cursors

  • Automatic

Peak-to-peak value, average value, root mean square value, frequency, period, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vamp, Overshoot, Preshoot, RiseTime, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay A B

  • Waveform Math +, -, Invert, FFT
  • Waveform storage 4 waveforms

Lissajou’s figure

  • Bandwidth: Full bandwidth
  • Phase difference: ±3°

Communication port: USB1.1 or RS-232

General Specifications:


Model PDS5022S PDS062T, PDS7102T
Display Type 7.8” color liquid crystal display 8” color liquid crystal display
Display Resolution 640 (horizontal) × 480 (vertical) pixels
Display Color 256 colors 65536 colors, TFT screen

Probe compensation

  • Output voltage (typical): 5V, with the Peak-to-peak value ≥1MΩ
  • Frequency (typical): 1KHz square wave


  • Supply 100-240 VACRMS, 50/60Hz, CAT II
  • Consumption: <15W
  • Fuse 1A, T class, 250V
  • Battery Optional


  • Temperature Working temperature: 32°F~104°F / 0°C~40°C
  • Storage temperature: -4°F~+140°F / -20°C~+60°C
  • Relative Humidity: ≤ 90%
  • Height Operating: 2743.2yd / 2508.3m
  • Non-operating: 16404yd / 5856m
  • Cooling Method Natural convection

Mechanical Specifications

Model PDS5022S
Weight 3,7lb / 1.7kg
Dimensions 14in × 6in × 4in / 356mm × 153mm × 102mm

Interval Period of calibration:

Perform self-calibration to verify that your instrument is operating properly. Self User’s calibration performs an internal self-alignment routine to optimize the signal path in the oscilloscope. The routine uses internally generated signals to optimize circuits that affect channel sensitivity, offset and trigger parameters. Let the instrument warm up for at least 30 minutes before performing self-calibration. You should perform self-calibration according to the following recommendations:

  • Every 12 months or after 2000 hours of operation
  • If the ambient temperature is > 50 °F from the calibration temperature
  • If you want to maximize the measurement accuracy
  • After experiencing abnormal operation
  • To verify proper operation after repairing

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