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Product Details

Thames & Kosmos 645014 CLASSPACK of 2 CHEM C3000 Kits
List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $400.00
Your Savings: $100.00



TK 645014 CLASSPACK of 2 CHEM C3000 Kits. Save $50.00 each, total saving $100.00.

2,400 cubic inches of pure chemistry


CHEM C3000 is the ultimate chemistry kit. By performing 360 fascinating and fun experiments in a complete and well-balanced curriculum, you will learn first-hand every fundamental principle of this essential science, and more.

You will start with fun experiments to learn basic chemistry principles. Build a mini fire extinguisher and float a soap-powered boat. Write with invisible ink and test colored markers on the chromatography racetrack. Entertain your friends with “magic” tricks, and then enlighten them with the scientific explanations behind the magic. Make dazzling colors in flame tests and produce electricity in a test tube.

You will learn how to use the alcohol burner and perform experiments that require heat. Separate mixtures, add carbon dioxide to water and produce oxygen gas from hydrogen peroxide.

Experiment with fuels and combustion. Make your own hydrochloric acid. Build a strong foundation in chemistry with exposure to a broad range of chemical phenomena and hands-on lab experience. As you gain experience with the tools and chemicals of the modern chem lab, you with also learn advanced topics such as chemical equations, atomic structures and the periodic table — concepts that are critical to continued study of chemistry.

CHEM C3000 is an excellent way to prepare for high-school level, and even college level, chemistry. Thorough safety precautions and instructions ensure safe experimentation. Professional quality equipment and an easy-to-follow Experiment Manual help you make the most of your chemistry experiments.

CHEM C3000 includes all this and much more...

• introduction to chemistry
• safety information
• setting up your workspace
• acids & bases
• salts & solutions
• elements & compounds
• solids, liquids and gases
• combustion
• air & air pressure
• air pollution
• our environment
• metals, oxidation and rust
• atoms & molecules
• history of chemistry
• crystal lattices
• chemical formulas
• ubiquitous elements
• oxygen
• hydrogen
• water
• solutions and saturation
• hydrogen peroxide
• atomic bonds
• orbitals and shells
• chlorine & hydrochloric acid

• bromine & iodine
• families of elements
• the periodic table
• sulfur
• carbon dioxide
• mineral deposits
• baking soda & powder
• ammonia
• crystals & solutions
• chemical indicators
• separating mixtures
• chromatography
• electron transfer
• electrolysis
• electrochemistry
• carbon
• fossil fuels
• alcohols
• oils, soaps & detergents
• sugars
• monomers & polymers
• starches
• proteins
• waste disposal
• questions & answers



Experiment Manual

The 178-page, full-color Experiment Manual guides aspiring young chemists, chemical engineers, lab technicians and researchers through hundreds of experiments and explanations.


Ages 12 and up
178-page Manual
360 Experiments
• Experiment Manual
• Eight Test Tubes
• Two Pipettes
• Sodium Bisulfate
• Sodium Carbonate
• Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(II)
• Ammonium Iron(III) Sulfate
• Ammonium Chloride
• Copper(II) Sulfate
• Phenolphthalein Solution
• Hexamethyl-eneteramine
• Calcium Hydroxide
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• Tartaric Acid
• Luminol Preparation
• Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(III)
• Calcium Sulfate
• Iron Filings (Iron Powder)
• Potassium Permanganate Preparation
• Activated charcoal
• Ammonium carbonate
• Potassium iodide
• Potassium bromide
• Potassium permanganate
• Sodium thiosulfate
• Sulfur
• Zinc powder
• Screw-top Jar
• Test Tube Rack
• Two Measuring Cups
• Two Cup Lids
• Measuring Spoon
• Test Tube Brush
• Carbon Rod
• Plastic Basin
• Safety Lid Opener
• Four Wires
• Copper Wire
• 2 Bags of Magnesium Strips
• Protective Safety Glasses

• Light Bulb (3.8 V)
• Rubber Stopper
• Two Cork Stoppers
• 2 Pointed Glass Tubes
• 2 Angled Glass Tubes
• Filter Paper
• Two Plastic Bottles with Caps
• Plastic Funnel
• Alcohol Burner Base
• Wick
• Burner Cap
• Insulator
• Wick Holder
• Aluminum Disk
• Wooden Test Tube Holder
• Litmus Paper, Blue
• Filter Paper
• Straight Glass Tube
• Heating Rod
• Labels
• Graduated cylinder
• Plastic syringe
• Lab stand clamp
• Three lab stand legs
• Erlenmeyer flask
• Iron wire
• Two pieces of rubber tubing
• Tripod stand platform
• Lab stand base
• Plastic straw for syringe
• Bag of small parts
• Rubber stopper with one hole
• Rubber stopper with two holes
• Lab stand rod
• Acute angled glass pipe
• Two screw-top lids
• Plastic bottle, red (for hydrochloric acid)
• Plastic bottle, blue (for sodium hydroxide)
• Filter paper
• Wire mesh
• Evaporation dish
• Small bottle for silver nitrate solution


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