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Product Details

TPI 440 - ScopePlus Handheld Oscilloscope & DMM
SKU: TPI 440
List Price: $492.95
Our Price: $349.95
Sale Price: $269.95
Your Savings: $223.00


440 - ScopePlus Handheld Oscilloscope & DMM

The TPI 440 is a hand-held oscilloscope plus autoranging DMM. The instruments large, backlit LCD display shows a reading and waveform simultaneously. In addition to the standard functions of ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, O, Diode Test and Continuity Buzzer; the 440 measures Frequency (Hz), Capacitance, Logic and Component test functions. The 440 also has RS232 output and software for interfacing with a PC is offered as an optional accessory.

The 440 comes complete with the following accessories:
• Rechargeable batteries
• Set of standard test leads
• Charger/adapter
• Operating instructions

• 1 MHz Digital Oscilloscope..... 20 MS/s
• 4000 count true RMS DMM, autoranging
• NiCad battery + charger included
• Real time display with backlight
• Glitch capture and trend modes
• Frequency counter to 2 MHz
• Capacitance and logic test measurement
• 8 waveform storage locations
• 8 front panel setup memories
• RS-232C Port
• Optional Waveform / PC Software

FAQ on the 440 True RMS Digital Multimeter

Where do I use the 440?
The 440 is ideal for viewing industrial power signals, UPS systems, power supplies and PLC controls. Use anywhere a DMM is used.
Does the 440 measure Capacitance?
Yes, the 440 can measure up to 400 uF (microfarads).
What is the highest voltage the 440 can measure?
The 440 can measure up to 1000 DCV and 1000 ACV.
What is the lowest voltage the 440 can measure?
The 440 can measure down to 0.1 millivolts on both DCV and ACV. The scope also has a volts/division setting of 0.1 volts.
How is the RS232 port used?
With the optional A402 cable and software you can acquire data and download it to a spreadsheet.
Can the 440 measure more than 10 DCA or ACA?
Yes, TPI offers a number of amp adapters to extend the range up to 1000 amps. TPI has a wide range of optional accessories that will enable the user to measure amps, temperature, pressure, or CO.

Industrial motor control View start-up in rush currents, waveform symmetry, SCR trigger pulses, variable frequency drive signals, pulse width modulation, noise, misc. AC and DC speed control signals and UPS back-ups in computers.
Power quality Noise on industrial feeds, AC voltage wave shapes, current waveforms, machine start-up & power quality interference and noise.
Battery testing Measure voltage drops in Gel Cell type batteries when connected in circuit.
Programmable logic controls PLC input and output signals, control signals, signal conditioning circuits, communication lines and power supplies.
NC machines Power quality, sensor outputs, control circuits, safety circuits, calibration and adjustments of components and relay switches.
Uninterruptible power supplies Enable sensing and monitoring of circuits, switching circuits, output waveforms and current waveforms.
Audio Locate noise spikes and voltage/ current drops on all home/ auto amplifiers, mixers and preamps.
Video Horizontal and vertical scan rates, z-axis blanking, sync pulses and luminance.
Industrial lighting controls SCR’s and other solid-state designs.
Factory automation Robot control signals, machine vision, machine control and sensing circuits, calibration of positioning systems, analog controllers and servo controls.
Line conditioners Noise and quality.
Voltage regulators Noise and stability.
Inverters Waveform quality.

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